Case Unfortunately Closed

Well today we learned that Lynch is closing the case on old Hill. Could’ve seen that coming. We all know that she is in on it so no surprise there. And Comey is going to go before a committee, lot of good that will do. Hopefully this terrible news will come to an end shortly and we won’t have to talk and hear about it anymore. I for one want a break from it before my head explodes, this amount of corruption across the board makes me so furious! But we must move on and speak on something else.

The last couple of days I have really tried to figure out the root of some of our problems here in the US. One of the ones I wish to start speaking on is education. The education system in this country is not where it should and could be. We should be near the top of all the major countries in the world. Instead we are ranked 14th according to Pearson. Now that isn’t the lowest, but it should be better. Having worked in a school I have an idea of how it could be better. Since working there, I have seen that students, and teachers, enthusiasm is not as high as it could be. The curriculum is not as high as it could be. We need to do something about it. I will close with that and say each day I will elaborate on what I believe should be done. Feel free to comment.635994525888511878-2023558425_knowledge is power


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