I was going to speak on how I believe the educational system should be handled in this great country of ours, but over the past couple of hours it has changed my mind on what to speak about. I will focus today’s post on the utter insanity taking place across our land. I will speak more on education tomorrow.

First of all, I cannot defend the officers that have done clear wrong. No one can defend the videos and the evidence out there. I can only say that there are good and bad police officers, the bad are always seen more than the good. That’s what makes the news, they won’t show an officer saving someone or helping a little girl with a cat stuck in the tree. The only thing I can say is that they should be punished for the wrongs they committed. Being a part of the law does not give you the right to be above it… Hillary.

Now someone decided to kill two officers in Dallas tonight. Do not take the law into your own hands. Those officers had nothing to do with what those others did. You are a terrible person for doing what you did. I hope you are found and punished accordingly.

Adding this all up, it shows that the rule of law has crumbled. Hillary gets away with it and now the world is erupting from the bottom up. We need someone to step up and be a leader. We do not have anyone doing that, just terrible. It is scary to see and hear all of this going on around us. I would like to finish with this, look at the world around you and see if you feel safe, if not then try and do something about it. We need to take our country back.


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