Democracy by: Kyle Turner

Democracy is a word coming from the Greek words “demos” meaning people and “kratos” meaning power. So power of the people. Democracy has been devised to be a morally upright system of government but is it really. Let’s take a look at history. Democracy as most people know is from ancient Greece but even then was a bit crude most of the time because it was totally at the will of the mob. To some degree it still is. For example, if the majority of people believes that someone is guilty of let’s say murder and they decide to act on such sentiment, is that not the people expressing the power of democracy and therefore “justified”. Throughout history democracy has gone tyrannical in some form and the reason is usually the same. For the sake of the people. But what if the people are wrong. Now that is dangerous ground to tread on. I’m not saying the people are dumb only that when they take to heart the intellectual side of thinking, democracy works. when they use emotions more often than not democracy is ruined.Now I believe in American exceptionalism. What do I mean by that? I mean this- that the beliefs the revolution pronounced was something not heard of in history. It expressed ideas that weren’t derived from government but from God and have always been there. That people are born inherently with rights that no one may trample on no matter what the case. To show this Jefferson wrote it explicitly in the declaration of independence and Madison clarified it even more in the Constitution. What does all of this come to? This. That the rule of people cannot and must not overrule the rights of others no matter what the people’s emotions call for. I personally believe that thinking with emotions is one the greatest mistakes humanity has done time and again throughout history. So the way our system was setup is exceptional because it declares that NO ONE CAN TRAMPLE ANOTHER’S RIGHTS. It checks the powers of the majority and respects the wishes of the minority. Free speech is something that is a defining characteristic of American thought and you would be surprised how often it is spurned both home and abroad. It is an evil thought to people to be faced with a different opinion other than one’s own. Descent in our republic is a gift that when utilized correctly it helps republican ideals be used for the good of the country and not detrimental as other say. So long as the republic lives the ideals that is was built on, it is just. When the people disregard our inalienable ideals to quote president Ronald Reagan “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”


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