What’s Wrong?

Written by Cody Turner

One of the three biggest problems facing America today, in my opinion, is education. Now I briefly discussed this last week. We should and can be higher on the list of countries. In fact, it is also my opinion, that we should be in the top 8 or even top 5.

Our education system today does not benefit most students leaving it. It doesn’t teach them basic skills needed in life, sure you can take some awesome art classes and some really fun electives, but in the end that does almost nothing for you. Those are just filler classes, they should be more clubs that are done after school rather than in school. Also athletics in my opinion should not be a class or even done during school. I was big into sports during school, but in high school it took up 2 of my 8 periods, and then I had a few electives that did absolutely nothing. I was essentially taking 4 maybe 5 classes all year long, that is just ridiculous. Not only will cutting some of these classes out help with the budget, but we can invest in other more meaningful classes. Another thing we should get rid of is in school lunch. School should be only about learning, that is its purpose and that is all it should be about. It is not for social clubs, it’s not the mall. If you want to go hangout with your friends, go to the mall.

If we cut down on time in classes and spending money on food and on athletics and on pointless electives, we could be investing more money into classes that matter. Even paying the teachers that we have could be paid much more than they are. By teaching classes that actually help you as you graduate, we will be helping the students more than what we are now. We should be looking to countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria on how we should run schools. Not necessarily what they teach, which I think is superior to ours, but how the school system is structured. It gives kids going into college a better platform for success. It guides kids that will enter the workforce with apprenticeships and valuable work experience. These measures would ensure that the students graduating from school will be better equipped and prepared to face the challenges ahead of them.

Now I will admit we have a much larger population than these countries, and the money is tight right now, but we need to do something to fix the system. We have steadily declined as a nation and I believe that part of it is the education system being implemented. We cannot however fix this without working on two other issues that I believe go hand in hand with this. Those will be discussed this week, so stay tuned.


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