Bernie is Just Like the Rest…

So we have learned today that Bernie Sanders has endorsed the most corrupt politician in our generation. He is just like the rest, no moral compass and does whatever he is told to do. For those supporters of him I say, do not vote for her whatever you do. Stay home, don’t go to vote. If you only agreed with his radical socialist views, then stay home. I completely disagree with his policies, they do not work in reality. You can say whatever you want about them, you can talk about Sweden, Denmark, all of the socialist nations in Europe and I will tell you that you are wrong. Denmark is crazy on taxes, yes all of these programs are “given” to the people but taxes are through the roof. I don’t know about you but if I am able to make more than $60,000, I do not want the government to take half of what I make to fund these programs.

You may come back with this statement, “democratic socialism is different than normal socialism.” Except it is isn’t, there is no difference between normal socialism and democratic socialism except that maybe you get to vote the people taking over your life rather than them just taking it. You think that they are doing you a service by “giving” you “free” healthcare and a job and whatever else they can think of, but they are doing you a disservice. By “giving” you these things they are enslaving you. You are willingly giving away your rights in order to feel more comfortable and “safe.” Such a terrible reason to believe in something. America was founded on OPPORTUNITY and CHOICE. Freedom = choice. You giving away your ability to choose what health provider you want and what dentist you want to go to and what job you want, you are enslaving yourself to the government. “Free” college sounds nice until you graduate and you’re making a good living and paying half of it in taxes.

Now that being said, Bernie is a part of the leftist movement. He believes that the government knows better than you and should tell YOU what to do with YOUR life. Leftist use fear and intimidation to get their methodology put into effect. Look at mass shootings or any casualty with a gun, what is the first thing coming out of their mouths, GUN CONTROL! A radical Muslim does not care about your gun laws. He only cares about killing Americans, and anyone that he sees as infidels. Now why does the left not acknowledged this fact, because they would rather promote their ideology than accept the fact that a maniac wants to kill Americans with whatever means necessary than obey the laws already put into place. Bernie and the rest of the hijacked democratic party do not care about you, whatever they say does not matter. They only want your vote, they do not care about people in poverty, they want more people in poverty. WHY? Because they vote for them! They do not care about women, they only want their vote. They do not care about the regular blue collar worker, they only want their vote. DEMOCRATS DO NOT WANT TO HELP YOU! The sooner you understand that the better. They only care about gaining power. I want everyone that reads this to go and look up the city of Detroit and Chicago and any major city. Now look at the poverty levels, has any of the democratic policies helped these people at all? No, because all they do is make you reliant on the government rather than let you thrive in the capitalist society that we have. Now I will admit that crony capitalism has taken hold and we need to take our economy back, but the left does not care about you what so ever. You can fool yourself into thinking that they are more accepting and care more about gays and blacks and latinos and all these different groups, that is a facade. All they care about is power, who can they exploit to get more power.

Bernie is just like the rest of them. He, by endorsing Hillary Clinton, is a piece of the problem. He preached about ending corruption, but he just endorsed the most corrupt politician to ever run for president, don’t quote me on that, and by doing so he is also part of the problem. He only cares about furthering his agenda, and that is governmental control and putting the thumb down on Americans.


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