The Democratic Tradition

Fairness and justice are thought to be one and the same but they are not. Fairness calls for everything to be the same. Justice says no matter how you feel; I will decide the just course. To the modern day liberal democrat fairness is placed above fairness. To please the people is the only true thing. The end justifies the means. This has been a classic staple of the democratic thought process since its inception. Look at all of the major errors in American history and they are basically the fault of the democratic party. I know you’ll want example of this statement so here they are. The civil war for example. The south was a democratic stronghold for decades. They preached that slavery is the natural course of man. The abolitionists controlled the north. They held the opposite view but weren’t a political party in the sense that we know it today. The republican party was made by these abolitionists with the firm belief in the Declaration of Independence and the constitution. They truly believed and still do to this day that all men are created equal and with the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The bill of rights might as well be a religious creed to Republicans. The democrats knew that when the first republican president was elected to the highest office in the land slavery would be nearing its end. So what did the democrats do? They broke off from the union which they saw as a republican country. Even after they lost they tried to impose slavery in a new way by saying that former slaves were now indentured apprentices and couldn’t leave without completing there “contracts” and with permission by their masters. The so called republican government had to step in and impose rights again into the south. On to world war 1. In 1916 the republican platform said that will defend the rights of every American against the overreaching of the democratic congress and president at the time. The wished for peace during WW1, called for peace in Mexico during a time when the Mexican government was committing atrocities against Catholics in Mexico and for a strong military solely for the protection of America and nothing else. And we are somehow the party of war hungry people who only wanted to take over countries. That our sole objective is to maintain power over people’s lives. Fast forward to WW2 when the democratic party was responsible for imprisoning 130,000 Japanese Americans in internment camps for the sake of security. In the 60’s the democrats were taken over by Europeans socialists who saw America as the evil in the world because it said that government should be minimal and that rights don’t come from the government. Belief in freedom of choice for the people is an abhorring thought to them because people ought to be told what to do, how to do it and when. They can’t be trusted so says socialism. Democrats have somehow covered up these things and when confronted about it they will say that it was a different party or its all lies but the truth is a stubborn thing. Democrats today aren’t responsible but they certainly have inherited and maintain a tradition of forced subjugation or demanding freedom from others. I’ll leave you with this. if they continue down this path, what will the next atrocity be?


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