Alinsky: Of Means and Ends

Many do not know the name and some have heard of him, but have chosen not to research the man. This is a big mistake, Saul Alinsky is one of the most influential people to ever exist in modern politics. Though he has been dead since 1972, his tactics and methodology have taken hold of the Democratic party, from the top to the bottom. Hillary and Obama both are disciples of his. Obama did not personally know him but being a community organizer, as he and Alinsky were, there is a clear connection there. Alinsky is the king of community organizing, he wrote the book, and I don’t mean metaphorically either. He wrote his book to help community organizers take from the haves and give to the have-nots as he calls them. Basically take from the rich and give to the poor. All very Marxist ideology. I want to focus on Obama and Alinsky first, Hillary will come later. Obama did not meet Alinsky, but he learned and took to heart all of the tactics that Alinsky wrote and installed. You can look them up yourself, in fact I encourage you to do so. Just go to google and type in “13 Alinsky tactics.” Obama uses all of these tactics in some for or fashion. The key to understanding these tactics is that they imply and encourage the “any means necessary” phrase. Hence the title, of means and ends, do whatever you have to do to accomplish your goal, regardless of morality. Alinsky writes this in his book, the ends justify the means, which is more government control and less personal liberty.

Hillary herself is a follower, she wrote her college thesis on his book and then later began a personal friendly relationship with him. He actually offered her a job as a community organizer, she had bigger dreams of political office and the presidential seat. Her Husband was not as radical as she, but it is now her turn. Her and Obama are leading, and have been, to establish Alinsky’s ideals and the Marxist philosophy on the American people. I want to point out a couple of tactics that Obama, Hillary and the rest of the democratic media/party have been using. Rule 8, “keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.” Does the last part of that sound like something that they have been doing lately? Yes, take any mass shooting, what is the first thing they all scream? Gun control, that is the very first thing, without knowing who, or why, or any other type of question they immediately yell for more gun control. Also look at cop shootings, they don’t wait for the facts come out, it is automatically racism and BLM and whatever else they can think of to connect cops with race and guns. The facts are not in their favor, they know this, but if they can get the public to believe that cops are killing black people at an astounding rate then they have won. Pressure, pressure, pressure, still part of rule 8, use any means necessary to get your purpose across. This leads to rule 9 which states, “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Staying on this incident, the facts do not support any of what BLM, the president, Hillary or any on the left would have you believe, but by making a big fuss about it they have created this storm from a tiny thing. Now I am not saying that in all the cases race is not an issue and yes there are bad cops out there that make good cops look bad, but the vast majority are good and they are using this rule to make the threat seem MUCH larger than  it really is.

I would like to conclude with this, everyone should look at the book by Jeff Hedgpeth entitled Rules For Radicals Defeated. Everyone needs to arm themselves against this evil methodology. The more people are informed the harder it will be for these people to take control of the America that I love. We are the greatest nation in the world, people flock to our nation for a chance to do something great with their lives. Don’t let the Alinskyites take it over and make it into a place that none of us would recognize years from now. It is time for us, the American people, to stand up and defend the freedoms that are given to us from our creator, not from the government, but from our creator.

Work Cited

Alinsky, Saul Rules for Radicals. Toronto: Vintage Publishing 1971


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