My hope for America

I hope that one day we can live in a country where skin color or family history or even personal history doesn’t affect how we live. If you work hard enough you can achieve greatness. To tell someone they can’t do something because there is supposedly people against them is harmful. It says no matter what they do they will never succeed. I hope to one day live where people love each other and respect everyone. Where there is no longer prejudice or racism of any kind. Where we take care of the earth since it takes care of us. Where kindness reigns in all things. Where rights triumph greed. Where immoral ideas such as socialism don’t have a place in a free society. Where when somebody works for their money they get to keep it and not have it taken away in the name of fairness. Where thievery is not tolerated in any way. Where we learn from history and rise above it. Where we live out the dreams of such great figures as MLK, the founding fathers and the philosophers of old. Where intellect and ideas are placed far above that of pesky emotions. Where all lives matter not just those of certain races or ethnicities based off of historical prejudices. Where people may live and let live. Where faith is not looked down on as an old relic of the past. Where honor is not spurned as an idiotic excuse in people’s lives. Where traditions are upheld and understood for what they represent. Where the ideas of the constitution and the like can be lived out every day with no fear. Where we can join hands and make MLK proud by finally chanting “free at last, free at last thank god almighty we are free at last.”


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