The Use of Force

Government is force. This is how everyone should view government, be that good or bad, that is how it is. A good government protects the rights of its citizens without using malicious force, but force must be used all the same. Do you want to be forced into doing something or would you want to be able to do something that you want to do without being told to do so? This is the ultimate question for liberty. Some will say that if the government provides me with things then I am fine with it. Why should they decide what you get? Should they decide what you eat? Should they decide what you wear? Should they decide what haircut you get? Should they decide what shoes you can wear? Should they even decide who you should marry? No, they shouldn’t. People that believe that government should help others out are wrong. There is a difference between charity and false philanthropy. Charity means helping people that need help because they can’t help themselves. False philanthropy is helping people that don’t need help because you think they are incapable of doing it on their own. I am a person that believes that everyone in this country has the opportunity to success if they put their heart and mind into achieving it. Race and gender do not matter, those that do, show me proof and I will show you otherwise. The only thing keeping people down is government. Democratic policies, whether you like it or not and believe it or not, have increased the poverty level in this country and made more people dependent on government than the other parties combined. Since the inception of their welfare programs, they have made the family foundation a thing of the past in minority, especially black, communities. They tell minorities that they will get more money if they decide to have children out of wedlock and if they decide to get married then they will get less. Lyndon Johnsons war on poverty is the reason for this and it has continued since then. The welfare programs drive fathers out of the homes and created a system of dependency in these communities. Since 1965 to 2008, more than $20 trillion dollars has been spent on the war on poverty with little show. Forcing people into these programs and making them dependent on them has driven minorities into more poverty not less. When government was left out of it, minorities gradually increased their yearly income. When government intervened, it steadily declined. Now should government dictate to them how they should live their lives, or let them decide how to live it. It shows that people, when left alone, can do better for themselves than the government. Liberty  is something we need to strive for. Thomas sowell once said that people who rely on government “are all potential voters for those who rescued them-even if their rescuers are the reason for the hard times, in the first place.” Leftists are the reason for this and they do not care about them, they are simply voters to help them keep this scheme of power, greed and false philanthropy.


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