Squabbles of Both Parties

Watching the lead up to both of the Democratic and Republican conventions has really helped me see something that occurs in both parties. I am fed up with both parties, all they do is argue amongst each other. In the Republican one, it is he isn’t this or they aren’t that. Not as conservative on this issue or that. In the Democratic, it is about more emails and was there a big conspiracy to promote Hillary over Bernie. More divide and not focusing on the issues, which are what these things should be about. You present your case and unite the people around you behind those issues and the solutions to them. Politics now a days do not focus on what matters, it is no longer about how we should fix the country together, it is about calling people names and degrading them to make you seem slightly better than they are. It is about power and greed. It is no longer about helping the citizens of this country, it is about lining their own pockets and staying in power. I can’t stand either party, both are doing this and the sad thing is we let them do it. No longer do we hold our politicians accountable for what they do, only by what they say they’re going to do. We believe in what they say more than what they represent. We take them at their word and underneath they do not care one way or the other what happens, all they care about are themselves and how do they get more money and more power without getting caught. Until we are citizens take a stand and say enough is enough, this trend will continue. We need to get back to what this nation is founded on, liberty. Too long has the corruption gone on. Too long have we allowed the federal government to step on our rights and use the law to take away something that is rightfully ours, and not given to us by them but by our creator. Too long have we waited in the shadows and said nothing. Now is the time to act, we as a nation must demand that our life, our liberties, and our property be lawfully represented and not taken away on false philanthropy and security. We must do so peacefully and legally, if anything is to change we must start a grassroots movement and take back what is ours. I believe these things and hopefully you all do too.


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