How to Truly Make Us Great

I have been reading a lot into taxation and how I think it should work. In order to really get our economy going again and get Americans back to work, we must slim the fat of the federal government, restructure our tax codes to make them more fair and easier to understand, and scale back our spending. This is what I have in mind, now I am not an economist, I have simply done a little bit of research into things and thought about what would be easy but also make our economy boom while bringing about liberty to all.

The 4-6-8 plan. Four percent consumption tax. This would make sure that everyone is paying an equal share of the tax. Six percent flat tax on business. This would ensure that many companies would stay in the US and many would move into our great nation. Eight percent flat income tax. Along with that, people would be split into three brackets. The first would be for those making less than $40,000 a year. The first $3,000 would be tax-free and then the 8% would be applied to the rest of the income. The second bracket would be from $40,001 to $100,000. This bracket would see that only $2,000 would be tax exempt and the rest would be taxed accordingly. In addition, the last bracket would be from $100,001 and up would only see the first $1,000 tax exempt. In addition, these would be fixed, I would not raise them, only lower them. Now along with this is a debt brake system that is already in use in Switzerland. This system would ensure that the federal government could not use more money than they are allowed. It is not a balanced budget. It is to make sure that they only use a specific amount of the money taken from taxes and do not exceed that. On good years when we have more money coming in than we are spending, they cannot simply spend it, they must save it as a normal citizen would. It will be a specific portion of the GDP. I would insist that is no more than 15%, however if all departments and everything was smaller it would be best to get below 10%. Now we may not get all of the money from taxes to fund everything on the books. Therefore, we must scrap it, privatize it, or fix it. I for one would insist that every department get rid of 20%. More than enough corruption and bad money management can be found in all of these departments. I would also get rid of departments that do nothing except use tax payer money to stay in business. Anything that can and should be delegated to the states will. That means education, Medicare, and infrastructure. We will also be getting rid of the postal service. Companies do a better job and competition breeds success. We must cut back on the military. We need to shrink the size of active military and promote more reserve units. We need to scale back all of our involvements throughout the world. If countries that we protect do not throw in their part of the money, we must insist that either they pay up or we are moving out. We can no longer be the police of the world. We must delegate much of that responsibility to the UN since that is what they were formed to do. If we are an ally with that nation, we must respect our treaties but they must do their part as well. We will no longer be involved in nation building. Since our involvement in this act, we have created enemies throughout the world that we do not need or want. All of these acts will result in less money being spent yearly and our economy will grow. As our economy grows and our GDP rises, the debt brake will ensure that once we begin making more and people are paying more, the government cannot simply spend more. We must begin thinking like a nation that was founded on personal liberty, life and private property. As our citizens ensure that they save money, the federal and state governments must do the same. All will be welcome to invest and contribute to this new America. We must make it easier for people from other nations that want to come here can do so legally. They want a better life, and we can give that to them. We will be compassionate and let them enjoy the wonderful things that we take for granted. We need a visa program that is easier to get. If they wish to work, it should not be hard to get a visa or green card. Moreover, the path to citizenship should not take years to complete. We should make English the language of the land, and along with that, English classes should be given to those wishing to become citizens. We will create a culture of opportunity, freedom and joy. We must make everyone proud of being in America again. We should strive to be the best country in the world, not because of who we are but what we represent. We need to represent life, liberty and happiness. If we do these things, we can make a country that has never been seen before. We can make a utopia, a heaven here on earth. Places where people from all lifestyles look to and say “I want to be an American.” We have lost that, but it is not out of reach.


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