Abuse of Power

I have thought a lot about the rise of socialism and government intervention. Now I can see all sides to this, people should be taken care of if they fall on hard times and it is a natural human reaction to feel empathetic for them and want to help those in need. Now where I differ from most is that I believe that people should help people, not government. Now before welfare, more people gave to charity. More people looked out for others, they gave to organizations that did good. Since different government programs have come to life and have grown to insane status, less people care about others and less people give to those in need. I see this as a huge problem, because I think that government does a worse job of helping people than people do. Some of these programs keep people in them on purpose. In some of these very low poverty stricken cities, the people on welfare are forced to stay on welfare. If they try to get out of it by getting a higher paying job then they are cut off. Does that sound like helping someone or does that sound like enslavement. Other programs use to make so that they had to have a job, now they do not. By making it so that these people are forced to live on food stamps and scrape the bottom of the barrel for everything that they have, they are not empowering anyone, they are enslaving them to the system. No longer do people help others get out of this mode, now they themselves either join in or stay as far away as possible and pretend like it doesn’t exist. Thanks to government, we no longer have compassion for our fellow man. Everyone is divided on every term, be that race, ethnicity, gender, income or any other title you can put on someone. We do not see each other as Americans, we see each other by the color of our skin and the gender with which we are. The government has abused its power, and how it wants to divide us more into different segregation’s. We have always been divided by government, be that the Jim Crow Laws or any other law making certain races favored or less favored. Under the constitution, we are all created equal. We need to get back to that and get government out of our lives. Let everyone have the opportunity to be who they want to be. Government should have no part in that. Now some will say that it needs to be on an even playing field. That my friends is not reality. Government cannot make life fair because life is not fair. It cannot make something out of nothing. For someone that is born into a poor family, it does not make you rich all of a sudden by giving you someone else’s money. Taking someone else’s money and giving it to someone else is called theft, and the government should not be doing this. However, simply because you were born poor does not mean you cannot rise out of that situation. Simply apply yourself, get an education and go make something of yourself. There are tons of people that have come from nothing and now have everything. The racial divides that exist come from government, more specifically the people that have started the war on poverty. Those people are the Democratic party, and they are the reason almost nothing has changed for these families. To truly help them, we should empower them to rise out of the filth and strive to live in mansions. Instead of just giving them food stamps, we should be teaching them valuable skills and educating them on possible jobs. If government should be to intervene in our lives, it just not be to just keep us afloat, it should be to get us out of our current struggle and into the marketplace. Help those in need find that drive inside of themselves and step out into the world. Don’t keep them locked up in government housing, help them to find a way into that middle class household. Help them to wake up everyday and wonder what can I spend my hard earned dollars on today, not what am I going to buy with my stamps today. If the war on poverty were fought like this, we would all be behind it, but it is not. It is fought to keep people under the thumb of those in power by promising everything and giving them nothing. It is all for political gain, not for empowering the American public. It is a simple case of abuse of power. That is why I would like to either get rid of it and let people begin to help people again, or completely reform our welfare systems into private enterprises, ones that focus on getting them out of poverty instead of keeping them in it. Government should have no dealings in our private lives so long as we do not harm others. Government is good for two things, spending money and corrupting people. As the old saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Government is not the answer, and it never will be. People are the answer.


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