Coming Together

Watching the Olympics, as well as my favorite sport returning soon, has given me an inspiration. I like to think outside the box and question things that many just take as the norm. These games have given me an opportunity to do those things and it has framed my thought on the racial issues in this country. The following will be my thoughts on not only race, but all things that people see as dividing.

In a team, setting it does not matter what your background is, as long as you can do your part. The one analogy I will be using the most is football. For me, football is the ultimate team sport. It requires all people on and off the field to do their part. If you are on the field, you and the other ten guys on your team must be a single unit, one mess up can make a play go from a total success to a total flop. If a single Lineman misses his block, the Quarterback won’t have enough time to throw the ball to the Receiver, and that Receiver could have been wide open for a touchdown. One person not focused or doing his part messes it up for everyone. Read what I said very carefully, I didn’t say anything about race or what religion they are. In sports, no one cares what color of your skin is, no one cares what religion you practice, no one cares what you look like as long as you can get the job done you are accepted. Yes people will still be prejudice against people and that may never change. And forcing people to think a certain way is not the answer, the people in power will not be able to eradicate this. It comes from the home and the community. Too long have we continued to let people in high ranking positions tell us how we should behave and think. They don’t know you and they never will. They can’t fix the problems that we have by passing more laws. Under the law we are all equal now, so is passing more laws saying that a certain group is better or deserves more respect going to solve anything, no it will not. It will only create more animosity towards those people. We need to stop with the division, we need to focus on our communities and our families to solve this. That is one thing the sports environment gets, that once people can see that you have something to bring to the table, be that the most minuscule thing, those divisions fade away. Now they don’t fade quickly, it takes time and effort, but it fades. Once people get to know each other and see that they are just like you and me, everyone gets on board. Yes sometimes people slip up and yes they make mistakes, but those divisions will no longer be solid lines, they will be dotted and the dots will get fewer and fewer.

I am of the understanding that everyone under the law is equal. Now that has been hard fought and a lot of sacrifices have been made by all people to get us to this point. We cannot expect that it will get better if we do not take the effort to fix it ourselves. The government is the reason for this divide and they cannot fix it. Ever since they stated that people of color were 3/5 of a person, the divide has gotten bigger. Martin Luther King did a marvelous job at closing that gap, but once again the people in charge have made it wider with every coming year. Government has created laws, be that local, state and federal, to keep people apart. Jim Crow, welfare and countless other programs and laws have kept people apart, now not all of them on purpose, but by fixating on helping a particular group, you create animosity towards them and from them to everyone else. Community should be our focus, the community will bring us together for all time. Government is not the answer, they have only separated us because you see, the more separated we are the more they can take. The more we are yelling at one another and not united to keep our liberty, the faster the people in charge use the government to snatch up what is not theirs to take. The faster we can unite, the faster we can take back what is rightfully ours.


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