The Problem with the label “white”

To give you a little background of myself I am a mutt. At first glance you would think I’m just English or something like that especially with my last name but I have various ethnicities under my belt. I have Polish, Spanish, English, Southern Italian, Basque, Irish, Scottish, Mexican and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. The question I ask myself everyday is “Am I White?.” In asking that question I fall into a conundrum as you can see. When I was a kid I would help make tamales and other mexican dishes with my mexican side. I ate Polish food with that side when we got together. I eat southern food with my dads side who has been in the south for around 400 years. I am catholic and practice those traditions. The point I am trying to make is that to label someone as just white or black or whatever may have you is disrespectful. It shuns that persons own personal history. How about we recognize that being ethnically diverse is basically inherent in america at this point.


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