A Different Way of Thinking

In politics these days there are three ways of thinking as I see it. There are the Democrats who see things as people being oppressed and somehow the government can help solve all of that. There are the Republicans that see things as bad people have messed it up and we just need to end the corruption, even if they are part of the problem. Then there are the Libertarians who see government and the people in power as the problem and we simply need to get them out of the way. Other parties and ways of thinking coincide within each of these, but to simplify my argument we will stick with just these three.

The problem I see with the Democrats is that the government is the problem, not the answer. They are quick to say that there are these lines between races and different sets of people yet they are the ones setting those lines. Let’s take race for example, the government is the ones who have told companies that when you fill out an application you need to put your race and ethnicity. Why? instead of telling companies that they also must have a certain percentage of minorities or even interview a certain number, how about we just scrap race altogether. No longer will race be an issue, people will be based on their skills and if they are capable of doing the job, isn’t that what they want? Well no it isn’t, they just say that to get minorities on their side. “We will fight for you” as they say, but in reality, they only want your vote. This also goes for welfare and other state programs. Taxpayers spend millions of dollars on these programs and the corruption and mismanagement cause the programs to spend more than they actually give to the power they say they are helping. How about instead of creating more power for the government, we simply give those people a check without regulating what they can and cannot do. As it is now if they decide to work they receive less pay, how about we give everyone a basic income and rid ourselves of these wasteful programs and start actually helping those people in need instead of lining the pockets of the politicians.

For the Republicans in power, you are part of the problem. No longer do you stand for what the Republican party used to believe in. You have forgotten what you wished to achieve and have also gotten caught up in big government spending and lining your own pockets. Your supporters no longer feel that you have the best intentions and that is why they have chosen a presidential candidate like that. The Republican party lost its way with Lincoln, yes they freed the slaves and helped in creating a nation that opportunity was possible for everyone, but he also expanded government. He did what Republicans say they are against. The Republican party is crumbling at its edges, and it is because you have lost your way and are going on the wrong path. Power has corrupted you just as power has corrupted the Democrats.

As for the Libertarians, you need to be more vocal. This was a prime opportunity to choose someone who could get your message across to a very large audience and you have failed by choosing a presidential candidate who is basically only half libertarian and a vice presidential candidate who doesn’t believe in Libertarian principles at all. You have lost the opportunity to be a real voice for the everyday person. You need to start thinking about the big picture instead of sitting back and watching the other two parties destroy one another and this country. You need to be out there engaging in debates, yelling at the highest peak. Get the message across that you stand for freedom and liberty. You can be the party of tomorrow but you need to begin right now.

I for one am a self-proclaimed classical liberal. No, not a liberal, a classic liberal. I am not one for big government, I am for the opposite. I believe the government should only be involved in the things that it absolutely must in order to maintain order and ensure that our god given rights are not taken from us, as they have been. We need to get back to the way it was in the beginning where people were free to do and say as the pleased without someone calling them a racist or bigot. We all need to change our way of thinking and look long and hard at what as happened so far and recognize that the problem is not the everyday American, but the elites. Throughout history it is always the elites in power that have caused the problems, it is no different here. We need to hold them accountable and stop yelling at each other and tell them that they have screwed it all up. They are the reason things are the way they are.


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