Venezuelan Future

The protests in Venezuela have been overlooked for too long. We are witnessing a revolution and put our hands over our eyes so as not to see the lesson being taught. The lesson is this; socialism does not work. There are many people out there who are apologists for this wicked idea. It reminds me of a phrase I heard. People do not have ideas, ideas have people.

There is such a thing called the right of revolution. When a people have been, and are being oppressed by government, it is the right of the citizens to rebel. Hugo Chavez took power in Venezuela in a coup d’état. He was previously elected before but after being thrown out of office, he had the military take back control of the government. After this attack, he began to consolidate his power in the country becoming an authoritarian dictator. Karl Marx had an interesting concept that seems to be fulfilled everywhere socialism and communism spread. The concept was that after the revolution came about, a dictator would have to come in and force people to come to terms with the new system; that they would still have remnants of the old system in their minds so a leader would expunge all the capitalism from their minds. And it seems that is what Chavez was trying to do. When he died then his next in line to the throne took over. His name is Nicolas Maduro.

Nicolas Maduro was a bus driver before breaking into the political scene. He is just like Chavez; a committed socialist. He has taken Venezuela from bad to worse in just a matter of a few years. He is doing what every good socialist country does. It says that government is the fount of everything and personal liberty ends when government says so. Maduro is taking guns away from all opposition people and arming his supportive militia. He knows what is coming-it is revolution of the highest order. He will be deposed and all his ideas of government will be gotten rid of.

A man by the name of Leopoldo Lopez is a big name in the opposition camp down there. He is currently serving time in jail for trumped up charges. It is the classic government act of silencing those who disagree by jail or death. As a student of history, I believe we are witnessing the next great Latin leader. He will come to liberate the country of Simon Bolivar; the great liberator of South America. If he can survive next few months (betting that is how long it will take the revolution to start), he will be set free and take the country into economic and personal growth. But before all of this can happen, Venezuelans must decide for themselves what will be the next step.

The present situation in Venezuela is bleak but never doubt a people who have decided enough is enough. It could be a week or a few months but revolution will come one day and we shall see a reckoning. Venezuela can and I believe will get rid of socialist dictatorship. But for the sake of Venezuelans, let them decide on their own their future. If they ask for help we should help but let them be proud and take back their own country. Viva Venezuela! Viva la libertad!


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