Resurrection and The Party Problem

It has been a while since I last wrote something on here. I thought it appropriate to start back up and define how this is going to go. My brother and I are the writers for this. He writes more of the philosophical and informative pieces. I choose more of the daily topics. I like to look at the now and write about what I see. We are not always right, but we do our best to inform and tell it how we see it. We are biased, we right about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we see it and how the founding fathers wished it. We understand everyone has a different opinion and all we ask is that you hear us out and have an open mind.

That being said, I wish to start over again by talking about the different political parties. None of the political parties speak for the people anymore. The two-party system has become so big that they are really speaking the same thing only with slight differences. No one is speaking for us. Both parties believe in big intrusive government. They want to tell you what you should do with your life. The little man has no voice anymore. I think that is why Trump was down in the polls but won is because so many people felt that the Democratic party had left them behind, and in my opinion they have. They have drifted further left and many hard working Americans are being left out in the cold. The Republican party is truly not much better. They preach one thing and do another. I can appreciate the Democrats as they are a little more upfront about their plans. I don’t agree with them and wish they do not gain power, but at least they do what they say more than the Republicans. The system is broken and we need to find a way to fix it.

The rise of the third or even a fourth party is crucial. That is why I am looking strong at the new Federalist party. I am not endorsing them or even asking others to join. All I am saying is they could be a third party that gets things done. I like their model and am looking forward to what they are going to do.


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