ESPN, Tax Plan and Science

What have you done with ESPN?

I would like to cover a couple of topics today. The first is about ESPN letting go of 100 of its workers. Since ESPN has come out and been much more vocal about politics, they have seen their ratings decline. The ESPN that I used to enjoy watching has drifted further and further to the left and is pandering more towards that side of the aisle rather than focus on what they are supposed to be about, the sports. Instead of watching highlights about countless sports worldwide and talking about the latest news on so and so, they have replaced highlights with conversations about so and so said this about that topic. It is less about the sports and more about how they can spread the agenda of the people they are pandering to. Sorry ESPN, but I will no longer be watching much of you besides the sports that I actually want to see. You wonder why your viewership has declined, maybe look in the mirror and decide what you are supposed to be focusing on.

How ’bout that tax plan?

Also the Trump tax plan came out in full yesterday. Twitter exploded with memes and people either very excited or unnecessarily angry. I saw one tweet that displayed the paper with all of it laid out and someone had written over the top about how it was just a tax cut for the rich. Yes it is a tax cut for the rich, but it is a bigger cut for middle and poor America. First off it is simpler, now who isn’t going to like that. It is also increasing the credits for everyone. It is also decreasing the amount for many Americans. Also it is cutting the corporate tax and the business tax. That helps everyone, products will be cheaper and businesses will have more money to expand and hire more people. This notion that cutting taxes is always benefiting the rich is just ludicrous, it helps everyone because more people can have a job and things will be cheaper. Maybe they just don’t really want people have a job, maybe they just think we should tax everyone a ridiculous amount and everyone should just live off the government. If anyone knew anything about history, you would know that that does not lead to prosperity or equality, it leads to famine and mediocrity. Just look at Venezuela, it is turning into a rebellion and may even turn into a revolution. Taxing the rich in some instances is good but with us just spending and doing nothing to reduce our debt is not going to help anyone. The plan will be good for the average American trying to start a business and wanting to have more money in their pocket, the other things that Trump is wanting to do probably will not help things, but I’ll take one step at a time.

You’ve ruined my childhood…

Last thing I want to talk about is the March for Science. I found it rather interesting that Bill Nye has risen again to come out and say that if we don’t listen to him and do as he says then we will all perish and destroy the earth. His agenda is of course give the feds more power, as that is always the answer. Any problem can be solved by giving the government more power since they are the smartest beings on the planet and we should all bow to their greatness. I am not a scientist, but I know how to read and I also know when I smell BS. That being said, there are plenty of scientists out there that disagree with most of what the left says about the climate and science in general. Science has become a religion to the left and the media. They preach it like it is the absolute truth, even when they only pick and choose the science they want to spread their agenda. I’m not going to go into every topic, but I just want people to think for themselves. Don’t believe everything CNN says about it and definitely don’t listen to Bill Nye, he isn’t even a scientist. He is a mechanical engineer who happened to star in a science show in the 90’s. He knows about as much about science as anyone with a computer.


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