Trump Trade, Bill Nye and Spending

Does he even economics bro?

I find myself looking at the news and wondering “what in the world is he doing now?” Trump surprises me everyday. This has been going on since the election, but I wanted to focus on his trade ideas. Recently he stated that he wanted to pull out of NAFTA. This would be a huge mistake. In reality it is not even needed. The trade agreement could have just as easily been done by calling them up and saying “hey, lets not but tariffs on each other.” Simple as that, but you know politicians, always have to have that look what I did thing. However, if Trump decided to pull out it would be bad for all Americans. We have so much trade with both Canada and Mexico that all three nations would be in trouble. Prices would rise on many items and no one wants that to happen, no matter what they say. Why Trump is deciding to be tough against Canada is beyond me. I don’t know if he is an idiot or doesn’t have an idea of what he is doing and just makes it up as he goes along. Either way it is not good for us.

The rest of his trade proposals are utter nonsense. This nationalist statism is just bad policy however you look at it. I understand everyone wants to keep their job, but keeping yours at the expense of everyone else is just selfish. I hate to say this, but if you’ve been doing the same labor job for the past 20 or 30 years and haven’t done anything to improve yourself and make yourself more marketable, then that is your fault. No one else should have to pay for that. Our economy is changing and people have to move with it or get left behind and unfortunately people are getting left behind. That being said, other jobs will spring up and you just have to go find them. How Trump has basically hijacked the Democratic agenda of keeping jobs here in America and that is largely why he won. He sold the America first rhetoric better than the Democrats. This way of thinking is inherently wrong. Yes it feels good to say that we want to keep American jobs here and I understand that way of thinking, but in reality that will do nothing but create fewer jobs and increase prices on everything. Maybe not in the short term, but in the long run it would be terrible for the economy. Unfortunately, many Americans haven’t learned economics 101. If we don’t learn how things really work we will be the creators of our own demise. What makes things worse is that now the media, and even right wing media, are pushing this version of economics on the average American. Tucker Carlson was speaking to Mark Cuban on this issue and said what I have been describing, that he would trade the price of things so Americans could have jobs. That is idiotic and resembles something from the past, Nazi Germany. The Democrats and now the Republicans are preaching Country first and starting to resemble the dark days. Just sad.

Uh… Bill…

So Bill Nye has done it again. On his show they were talking about putting in a one child policy here in America. He has gone off the deep end. His show is just bad, and he is nothing but a puppet. He even contradicts things on his old show with his new one. I think he has lost all credibility. I even saw a meme that had Dolph Lundgren, Ivan Drago from the Rocky movie, and Bill Nye side-by-side and Dolph has more degrees in science than Bill does. Now who has the credibility?

Do they understand what a budget is?

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are the same. One wants to raise taxes and spend more, the other wants to cut taxes and spend just a little more while not cutting anything. Either way, it’s the same. More spending, no cutting, more and more debt. Time for true conservatives and libertarian leaning people on the right to jump ship and cut the legs out from under the Republican party. Time to join a new party, one that is focused on winning local and restoring state powers and local influence. The only party I see doing that is the new Federalist party. True conservatives will jump on board and help to get our country back.


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