All Quiet

So far this week it has been fairly quiet in the political arena. The News people got to bicker about how Trump is mean to them at the Correspondents Dinner. Nothing new there. They have a point, to some degree, but when they post articles that have no factual bases and then complain when he calls them out for it, I have no sympathy. I actually laugh when he goes on his rants about fake news. I believe most Americans are fed up with our media who were basically spokesman for the Clinton campaign and for the Left in general. If the media cared more about the truth and were not focused on party politics, I think most people would be more on their side. The healthcare bill is also still up for debate. Not a whole lot has changed since last time. States can now opt out of it if they wish, but that is really the only big thing that I have seen. Just makes me sad that no matter which party is in power, nothing ever changes. They all speak for themselves and do not speak for the vast majority of Americans. Trumps 100 days are up too, not that that has any significance, but as long as he does right by the American people I will rejoice. When he does something that expands government unnecessarily then I will be mad. I am not against government, but when it does something that hurts Americans rather than improves their lives I disagree. Some people may say that medicare has improved lives, I would say it has, but it has also hurt them. You have to look at all the pieces instead of just the one that it is focused on. We need to do a cause and effect on these things to see if it is actually going to help. I would say their are ways in which government can be involved in healthcare without costing a fortune and taking large quantities of money. I want efficiency, and we do not have that here in almost any aspect of government. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.


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