Class Warfare

Lately it has dawned on me that we are indeed in class warfare. It’s not all that different than the French Revolution. We have elites, middle class and the poor. The elites in this country are mainly the politicians, media and those in bed with the government. The politicians have been saying one thing and doing another for a long time now. The media has been feeding you the same propaganda for years now and we have just soaked it up. Many of them are eating, sleeping and talking in the same social circles as the hot shots and politicians of today. They all have one goal and that is stay on top, and keep all of us down below. Some of them are actually trying to help, but the vast majority are not.

I like to look at different examples and see where the classes stand. Let’s take immigration for instance. Both parties in the 90’s were for stopping illegal immigration. They then realized that they could gain a lot of support by changing sides and condemning anyone that thought otherwise. They did that with the newly freed slaves as well. The Republicans had taken control of the country and all of the former slaves were following Lincolns party. To garner support, they came up with “free” stuff. Does that sound familiar? Now this is not chronologically accurate, but the Democrats have always been a party of racism, they have always been a party of “how do we gain power today.” The Republicans, for a short time, have been for the people but they have swayed again towards elitism. I say all this to show that almost none of it has been about helping the people, it has always been about gaining power and keeping it, that is why government hardly ever shrinks. It is either stay the same or enlarge, unless something drastic happens. They never admit they messed up or were wrong and try something else, it is always “give us more money and it will work,” but it never does. Giving them more money does nothing.

They have divided us, made us fight with one another, while they sit in their tower figuring out ways to continue it. Another example is with the black community. I may catch some flak for this, but if you take a look at the past 50 years, who has been in control of the cities? Most of the black community is congregated in the inner cities, and one major party and one class has been in command. If we want the middle and poorer classes to grow and then we have to break the stranglehold and let the people be in charge. We can no longer allow these elite minded people be in charge of us. We need to vote them out and shrink their power. We need to get this country back to where it was, where everyone had a real voice and an opportunity to make something of themselves with a part of the government stepping in and saying no. I want prosperity for all, I want everyone trying hard and working together to create a place that has the aroma of liberty and prosperity in the air. We had that once, but we have let the people at the top dictate to us how they want it to be, instead of what it should be. #FedParty


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