Class Warfare

Lately it has dawned on me that we are indeed in class warfare. It’s not all that different than the French Revolution. We have elites, middle class and the poor. The elites in this country are mainly the politicians, media and those in bed with the government. The politicians have been saying one thing and doing another for a long time now. The media has been feeding you the same propaganda for years now and we have just soaked it up. Many of them are eating, sleeping and talking in the same social circles as the hot shots and politicians of today. They all have one goal and that is stay on top, and keep all of us down below. Some of them are actually trying to help, but the vast majority are not.

I like to look at different examples and see where the classes stand. Let’s take immigration for instance. Both parties in the 90’s were for stopping illegal immigration. They then realized that they could gain a lot of support by changing sides and condemning anyone that thought otherwise. They did that with the newly freed slaves as well. The Republicans had taken control of the country and all of the former slaves were following Lincolns party. To garner support, they came up with “free” stuff. Does that sound familiar? Now this is not chronologically accurate, but the Democrats have always been a party of racism, they have always been a party of “how do we gain power today.” The Republicans, for a short time, have been for the people but they have swayed again towards elitism. I say all this to show that almost none of it has been about helping the people, it has always been about gaining power and keeping it, that is why government hardly ever shrinks. It is either stay the same or enlarge, unless something drastic happens. They never admit they messed up or were wrong and try something else, it is always “give us more money and it will work,” but it never does. Giving them more money does nothing.

They have divided us, made us fight with one another, while they sit in their tower figuring out ways to continue it. Another example is with the black community. I may catch some flak for this, but if you take a look at the past 50 years, who has been in control of the cities? Most of the black community is congregated in the inner cities, and one major party and one class has been in command. If we want the middle and poorer classes to grow and then we have to break the stranglehold and let the people be in charge. We can no longer allow these elite minded people be in charge of us. We need to vote them out and shrink their power. We need to get this country back to where it was, where everyone had a real voice and an opportunity to make something of themselves with a part of the government stepping in and saying no. I want prosperity for all, I want everyone trying hard and working together to create a place that has the aroma of liberty and prosperity in the air. We had that once, but we have let the people at the top dictate to us how they want it to be, instead of what it should be. #FedParty


All Quiet

So far this week it has been fairly quiet in the political arena. The News people got to bicker about how Trump is mean to them at the Correspondents Dinner. Nothing new there. They have a point, to some degree, but when they post articles that have no factual bases and then complain when he calls them out for it, I have no sympathy. I actually laugh when he goes on his rants about fake news. I believe most Americans are fed up with our media who were basically spokesman for the Clinton campaign and for the Left in general. If the media cared more about the truth and were not focused on party politics, I think most people would be more on their side. The healthcare bill is also still up for debate. Not a whole lot has changed since last time. States can now opt out of it if they wish, but that is really the only big thing that I have seen. Just makes me sad that no matter which party is in power, nothing ever changes. They all speak for themselves and do not speak for the vast majority of Americans. Trumps 100 days are up too, not that that has any significance, but as long as he does right by the American people I will rejoice. When he does something that expands government unnecessarily then I will be mad. I am not against government, but when it does something that hurts Americans rather than improves their lives I disagree. Some people may say that medicare has improved lives, I would say it has, but it has also hurt them. You have to look at all the pieces instead of just the one that it is focused on. We need to do a cause and effect on these things to see if it is actually going to help. I would say their are ways in which government can be involved in healthcare without costing a fortune and taking large quantities of money. I want efficiency, and we do not have that here in almost any aspect of government. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis

Puerto Rico is in a debt crisis and many people haven’t even heard of it. If they have, it was in passing or saw an article about it but didn’t read too much into it. I personally blame the media since all they talk about it Trump but I digress. Puerto Rico has run out of money and no one is talking about it. Having lived on the island for a time, I have seen its splendor and beauty. I have experienced the culture and history. I have gazed at what poverty looks like. I have a special place in my heart for the island and its people and that is why I am annoyed that this crisis is getting pushed over.

The island is more than $70 billion in debt and rising. Many credit agencies have downgraded the debt to non-investment grade. The unemployment rate is 12.4% and growing. Since Puerto Rico isn’t a state it cannot file for chapter 9 bankruptcy. Recently, the federal government has said it would allow the island’s government to reduce their debt with legal actions. Millions of Puerto Ricans have fled already thanks to this debt and the population just keeps shrinking.

In January, the island elected a new governor. His name is Ricardo Roselló. He is a member of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico which seeks to make the island the 51st state of the U.S. This would be a step in the right direction. At least if they became a state they could file chapter 9 and receive help from the federal government.

Getting rid of the debt is paramount or at the very least reducing it. It has gotten to the point that if no action is taken, it may very well become the next third world country and how would that look; having an island under the protection of the U.S. being poor with no help.

The way I see it, Puerto Rico should become the next state and receive help from the government. Maybe it can bounce back and become a flourishing island community in the future.

Puerto Rico yo nunca dejaré de amarte.

Trump Trade, Bill Nye and Spending

Does he even economics bro?

I find myself looking at the news and wondering “what in the world is he doing now?” Trump surprises me everyday. This has been going on since the election, but I wanted to focus on his trade ideas. Recently he stated that he wanted to pull out of NAFTA. This would be a huge mistake. In reality it is not even needed. The trade agreement could have just as easily been done by calling them up and saying “hey, lets not but tariffs on each other.” Simple as that, but you know politicians, always have to have that look what I did thing. However, if Trump decided to pull out it would be bad for all Americans. We have so much trade with both Canada and Mexico that all three nations would be in trouble. Prices would rise on many items and no one wants that to happen, no matter what they say. Why Trump is deciding to be tough against Canada is beyond me. I don’t know if he is an idiot or doesn’t have an idea of what he is doing and just makes it up as he goes along. Either way it is not good for us.

The rest of his trade proposals are utter nonsense. This nationalist statism is just bad policy however you look at it. I understand everyone wants to keep their job, but keeping yours at the expense of everyone else is just selfish. I hate to say this, but if you’ve been doing the same labor job for the past 20 or 30 years and haven’t done anything to improve yourself and make yourself more marketable, then that is your fault. No one else should have to pay for that. Our economy is changing and people have to move with it or get left behind and unfortunately people are getting left behind. That being said, other jobs will spring up and you just have to go find them. How Trump has basically hijacked the Democratic agenda of keeping jobs here in America and that is largely why he won. He sold the America first rhetoric better than the Democrats. This way of thinking is inherently wrong. Yes it feels good to say that we want to keep American jobs here and I understand that way of thinking, but in reality that will do nothing but create fewer jobs and increase prices on everything. Maybe not in the short term, but in the long run it would be terrible for the economy. Unfortunately, many Americans haven’t learned economics 101. If we don’t learn how things really work we will be the creators of our own demise. What makes things worse is that now the media, and even right wing media, are pushing this version of economics on the average American. Tucker Carlson was speaking to Mark Cuban on this issue and said what I have been describing, that he would trade the price of things so Americans could have jobs. That is idiotic and resembles something from the past, Nazi Germany. The Democrats and now the Republicans are preaching Country first and starting to resemble the dark days. Just sad.

Uh… Bill…

So Bill Nye has done it again. On his show they were talking about putting in a one child policy here in America. He has gone off the deep end. His show is just bad, and he is nothing but a puppet. He even contradicts things on his old show with his new one. I think he has lost all credibility. I even saw a meme that had Dolph Lundgren, Ivan Drago from the Rocky movie, and Bill Nye side-by-side and Dolph has more degrees in science than Bill does. Now who has the credibility?

Do they understand what a budget is?

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are the same. One wants to raise taxes and spend more, the other wants to cut taxes and spend just a little more while not cutting anything. Either way, it’s the same. More spending, no cutting, more and more debt. Time for true conservatives and libertarian leaning people on the right to jump ship and cut the legs out from under the Republican party. Time to join a new party, one that is focused on winning local and restoring state powers and local influence. The only party I see doing that is the new Federalist party. True conservatives will jump on board and help to get our country back.

ESPN, Tax Plan and Science

What have you done with ESPN?

I would like to cover a couple of topics today. The first is about ESPN letting go of 100 of its workers. Since ESPN has come out and been much more vocal about politics, they have seen their ratings decline. The ESPN that I used to enjoy watching has drifted further and further to the left and is pandering more towards that side of the aisle rather than focus on what they are supposed to be about, the sports. Instead of watching highlights about countless sports worldwide and talking about the latest news on so and so, they have replaced highlights with conversations about so and so said this about that topic. It is less about the sports and more about how they can spread the agenda of the people they are pandering to. Sorry ESPN, but I will no longer be watching much of you besides the sports that I actually want to see. You wonder why your viewership has declined, maybe look in the mirror and decide what you are supposed to be focusing on.

How ’bout that tax plan?

Also the Trump tax plan came out in full yesterday. Twitter exploded with memes and people either very excited or unnecessarily angry. I saw one tweet that displayed the paper with all of it laid out and someone had written over the top about how it was just a tax cut for the rich. Yes it is a tax cut for the rich, but it is a bigger cut for middle and poor America. First off it is simpler, now who isn’t going to like that. It is also increasing the credits for everyone. It is also decreasing the amount for many Americans. Also it is cutting the corporate tax and the business tax. That helps everyone, products will be cheaper and businesses will have more money to expand and hire more people. This notion that cutting taxes is always benefiting the rich is just ludicrous, it helps everyone because more people can have a job and things will be cheaper. Maybe they just don’t really want people have a job, maybe they just think we should tax everyone a ridiculous amount and everyone should just live off the government. If anyone knew anything about history, you would know that that does not lead to prosperity or equality, it leads to famine and mediocrity. Just look at Venezuela, it is turning into a rebellion and may even turn into a revolution. Taxing the rich in some instances is good but with us just spending and doing nothing to reduce our debt is not going to help anyone. The plan will be good for the average American trying to start a business and wanting to have more money in their pocket, the other things that Trump is wanting to do probably will not help things, but I’ll take one step at a time.

You’ve ruined my childhood…

Last thing I want to talk about is the March for Science. I found it rather interesting that Bill Nye has risen again to come out and say that if we don’t listen to him and do as he says then we will all perish and destroy the earth. His agenda is of course give the feds more power, as that is always the answer. Any problem can be solved by giving the government more power since they are the smartest beings on the planet and we should all bow to their greatness. I am not a scientist, but I know how to read and I also know when I smell BS. That being said, there are plenty of scientists out there that disagree with most of what the left says about the climate and science in general. Science has become a religion to the left and the media. They preach it like it is the absolute truth, even when they only pick and choose the science they want to spread their agenda. I’m not going to go into every topic, but I just want people to think for themselves. Don’t believe everything CNN says about it and definitely don’t listen to Bill Nye, he isn’t even a scientist. He is a mechanical engineer who happened to star in a science show in the 90’s. He knows about as much about science as anyone with a computer.

Trump Tax Plan

Earlier today it was leaked, in the newly proposed tax plan, that the corporate tax rate would be around 15%. I for one think this is a good first step in the right direction. Right now it is set at 35%, one of the highest in the world. Now most Americans do not know fully what this is, I myself don’t fully understand it all either, but I grasp the overall concept of it. Basically for every dollar made by a company they are taxed that percentage. So if they make a 100 cents, they are taxed 35 cents, theoretically. Most companies find little ways to lower that rate. Thanks to the elites in government, they have made all of these loopholes for them to take advantage of, so they really only pay around 25%.

The other way of understanding this is how they compensate for the tax. Who gets hit with the bill is the worker and the consumer. The worker gets lower wages and the consumer gets higher prices. Corporations are just people, without people they would be nothing but an empty building. So the employee and the person buying the products are the ones who get stuck paying for that. Unfortunately the government saw fit to tax them a high amount instead of just making it lower. Ideally we would just get rid of the tax all together and go more towards a cash-flow style of tax or no tax on business at all. That way the worker and the consumer would get higher wages and lower costs. So Trump saying it will be at 15% is definitely a step in the right direction. We’ll see what he proposes for the rest of it soon enough, Hopefully he lowers the taxes and also makes massive spending cuts. We need more Americans keeping their money and we also need the federal government spending less and doing something about this debt issue.

Resurrection and The Party Problem

It has been a while since I last wrote something on here. I thought it appropriate to start back up and define how this is going to go. My brother and I are the writers for this. He writes more of the philosophical and informative pieces. I choose more of the daily topics. I like to look at the now and write about what I see. We are not always right, but we do our best to inform and tell it how we see it. We are biased, we right about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we see it and how the founding fathers wished it. We understand everyone has a different opinion and all we ask is that you hear us out and have an open mind.

That being said, I wish to start over again by talking about the different political parties. None of the political parties speak for the people anymore. The two-party system has become so big that they are really speaking the same thing only with slight differences. No one is speaking for us. Both parties believe in big intrusive government. They want to tell you what you should do with your life. The little man has no voice anymore. I think that is why Trump was down in the polls but won is because so many people felt that the Democratic party had left them behind, and in my opinion they have. They have drifted further left and many hard working Americans are being left out in the cold. The Republican party is truly not much better. They preach one thing and do another. I can appreciate the Democrats as they are a little more upfront about their plans. I don’t agree with them and wish they do not gain power, but at least they do what they say more than the Republicans. The system is broken and we need to find a way to fix it.

The rise of the third or even a fourth party is crucial. That is why I am looking strong at the new Federalist party. I am not endorsing them or even asking others to join. All I am saying is they could be a third party that gets things done. I like their model and am looking forward to what they are going to do.

Venezuelan Future

The protests in Venezuela have been overlooked for too long. We are witnessing a revolution and put our hands over our eyes so as not to see the lesson being taught. The lesson is this; socialism does not work. There are many people out there who are apologists for this wicked idea. It reminds me of a phrase I heard. People do not have ideas, ideas have people.

There is such a thing called the right of revolution. When a people have been, and are being oppressed by government, it is the right of the citizens to rebel. Hugo Chavez took power in Venezuela in a coup d’état. He was previously elected before but after being thrown out of office, he had the military take back control of the government. After this attack, he began to consolidate his power in the country becoming an authoritarian dictator. Karl Marx had an interesting concept that seems to be fulfilled everywhere socialism and communism spread. The concept was that after the revolution came about, a dictator would have to come in and force people to come to terms with the new system; that they would still have remnants of the old system in their minds so a leader would expunge all the capitalism from their minds. And it seems that is what Chavez was trying to do. When he died then his next in line to the throne took over. His name is Nicolas Maduro.

Nicolas Maduro was a bus driver before breaking into the political scene. He is just like Chavez; a committed socialist. He has taken Venezuela from bad to worse in just a matter of a few years. He is doing what every good socialist country does. It says that government is the fount of everything and personal liberty ends when government says so. Maduro is taking guns away from all opposition people and arming his supportive militia. He knows what is coming-it is revolution of the highest order. He will be deposed and all his ideas of government will be gotten rid of.

A man by the name of Leopoldo Lopez is a big name in the opposition camp down there. He is currently serving time in jail for trumped up charges. It is the classic government act of silencing those who disagree by jail or death. As a student of history, I believe we are witnessing the next great Latin leader. He will come to liberate the country of Simon Bolivar; the great liberator of South America. If he can survive next few months (betting that is how long it will take the revolution to start), he will be set free and take the country into economic and personal growth. But before all of this can happen, Venezuelans must decide for themselves what will be the next step.

The present situation in Venezuela is bleak but never doubt a people who have decided enough is enough. It could be a week or a few months but revolution will come one day and we shall see a reckoning. Venezuela can and I believe will get rid of socialist dictatorship. But for the sake of Venezuelans, let them decide on their own their future. If they ask for help we should help but let them be proud and take back their own country. Viva Venezuela! Viva la libertad!

The Great Enigma

When I was young, I fell in love with philosophy. For what reason, I do not know but it sparked something in me. At such a young age, I pondered long in my mind what life meant. I would lose track of time thinking about this and I still do. But now my thinking is much more abstract. I also thought about things like love and hate, ignorance and knowledge and how I interact with them. I have always been one to look to the past for that is where I most comfortably fit in. I’ve never had interest in superficial things. That is why I never exactly had an easy time talking to my peers. I am more interested in abstract and high level thinking. Something I have been struggling to grasp in these times is why humans give into their base desires with such frequency. I am by no means innocent but I do try my best to resist the temptations. I find that missing in today’s generation along with many other qualities that have long been forgotten by the general public but me being an ancient inside enjoy and praise those lost virtues. Discourse in this day and age is destroyed because we no longer teach such things as philosophy and virtues so it’s no wonder we have riots when we disagree or use ad hominem attacks just so we don’t have to use your brain with the risk of coming to the realization what you might be wrong. I end with this quote by C.S. Lewis. “In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

A Different Way of Thinking

In politics these days there are three ways of thinking as I see it. There are the Democrats who see things as people being oppressed and somehow the government can help solve all of that. There are the Republicans that see things as bad people have messed it up and we just need to end the corruption, even if they are part of the problem. Then there are the Libertarians who see government and the people in power as the problem and we simply need to get them out of the way. Other parties and ways of thinking coincide within each of these, but to simplify my argument we will stick with just these three.

The problem I see with the Democrats is that the government is the problem, not the answer. They are quick to say that there are these lines between races and different sets of people yet they are the ones setting those lines. Let’s take race for example, the government is the ones who have told companies that when you fill out an application you need to put your race and ethnicity. Why? instead of telling companies that they also must have a certain percentage of minorities or even interview a certain number, how about we just scrap race altogether. No longer will race be an issue, people will be based on their skills and if they are capable of doing the job, isn’t that what they want? Well no it isn’t, they just say that to get minorities on their side. “We will fight for you” as they say, but in reality, they only want your vote. This also goes for welfare and other state programs. Taxpayers spend millions of dollars on these programs and the corruption and mismanagement cause the programs to spend more than they actually give to the power they say they are helping. How about instead of creating more power for the government, we simply give those people a check without regulating what they can and cannot do. As it is now if they decide to work they receive less pay, how about we give everyone a basic income and rid ourselves of these wasteful programs and start actually helping those people in need instead of lining the pockets of the politicians.

For the Republicans in power, you are part of the problem. No longer do you stand for what the Republican party used to believe in. You have forgotten what you wished to achieve and have also gotten caught up in big government spending and lining your own pockets. Your supporters no longer feel that you have the best intentions and that is why they have chosen a presidential candidate like that. The Republican party lost its way with Lincoln, yes they freed the slaves and helped in creating a nation that opportunity was possible for everyone, but he also expanded government. He did what Republicans say they are against. The Republican party is crumbling at its edges, and it is because you have lost your way and are going on the wrong path. Power has corrupted you just as power has corrupted the Democrats.

As for the Libertarians, you need to be more vocal. This was a prime opportunity to choose someone who could get your message across to a very large audience and you have failed by choosing a presidential candidate who is basically only half libertarian and a vice presidential candidate who doesn’t believe in Libertarian principles at all. You have lost the opportunity to be a real voice for the everyday person. You need to start thinking about the big picture instead of sitting back and watching the other two parties destroy one another and this country. You need to be out there engaging in debates, yelling at the highest peak. Get the message across that you stand for freedom and liberty. You can be the party of tomorrow but you need to begin right now.

I for one am a self-proclaimed classical liberal. No, not a liberal, a classic liberal. I am not one for big government, I am for the opposite. I believe the government should only be involved in the things that it absolutely must in order to maintain order and ensure that our god given rights are not taken from us, as they have been. We need to get back to the way it was in the beginning where people were free to do and say as the pleased without someone calling them a racist or bigot. We all need to change our way of thinking and look long and hard at what as happened so far and recognize that the problem is not the everyday American, but the elites. Throughout history it is always the elites in power that have caused the problems, it is no different here. We need to hold them accountable and stop yelling at each other and tell them that they have screwed it all up. They are the reason things are the way they are.